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Anti Theft Disc Brake Lock Waterproof Bicycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock for Electric Scooter Bike Motorcycle


1.  Anti-Theft Alarm Lock 110dB
This Disc Brake Lock is High-grade ,Secure, Full theft-proof ,safety-locks , it fully preventing thief from being pried oen in case . unlocked with a universal key , it's 80% harder to destory this unit than traditional ones . It will make a Loud Alarm sound 110dB when thief open the lock , the thief will be scared . 

2.  Waterproof and Rustproof
High Quality Aluminum Alloy,Durable, Motion sensor is waterproof,Compacted rustless. Good for Outdoor use .

3.  Easy To Use 
This Disc lock has easy pushbutton locking system, it is possible to fix it in any position. 
4ft bright orange reminder cable to prevent riding away while disc lock is engaged.

4.  Long Life Use  
Each lock is prefitted with 6 batteries and extra 6 pcs batteries,and 3 pcs security keys.To replace the battery,
you can use the mini wrench to remove the 4 screws at the bottom,then change the battery inside.

5. Application devices
Best used for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters and any vehicles where there are holes or spokes on a wheel.

Usage instructions
1. Press the lock core, it will be locked and you will hear the sound"Du" ,which means it is coming into the alarm status, after
5 seconds, When the look or vehicle is vibrated, the lock will give an alarm "DU DU DU" three sounds. when the lock is vibrated
again,after 5 seconds, it will give an alarm and keep alarm with serial vibration. Each alarm will last for 10 seconds.
2. It will cost 5 seconds to open the lock for the owner, if the lock can' the opened, it will give an alarm .Use the key to open
the lock, the alarm will stop at once.

Battery Replacement
When you hear the sound "Ge. Ge. Ge.." constant voice or the alarm sound less than 10 seconds and stop at once ,that means the
battery will be used up,you need to replace the battery.Please use the provided spanner to spin out the four screws, Take away the
top cover and replace the battery. Please pay attention to the anode "+" and cathode "-"

In order to replace battery easily later on, please keep this usage instruction and small spanner.

1 x Disc Brake Lock (Black)
1 x Mini Wrench 
2 x Lock Keys

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